Top Charity Picks

When Carolyn Vetter Hicks and Kelly Maxwell founded Line 21 back in 1994, they were thrilled to have the opportunity to shape the company the way they wanted. They committed to providing exceptional quality captioning and transcribing, to always approaching work playfully, to trying to always meaningfully support their staff, and to being part of the larger community. Supporting a variety of  charities was a way they saw fit to approach their last goal.  Here’s a list of their top picks from the past year.



 Empower people around the world with a $25 loan.

Kiva is a non-profit organization which arranges microloans to individuals and groups in cash-poor economies. Sometimes the amount of financing needed to jumpstart a successful business or turn around a household is shockingly small, yet remains out of reach for many. Kiva works with local agencies to help bridge the gap.

The Arts

Metro Theatre

 Line 21 has supported a variety of arts organizations over the years. As each has a special place in their hearts, it would be difficult to pick a favourite. Last year, though, the Metro Theatre (a venerable Vancouver non-profit theatre company now in their 51st season) lost one of its keen supporters, a long-time board member. Kelly relates, “The Metro was a special favourite of our real estate agent, who passed away in 2014. We miss him very much and wanted to honour him and the the requests of his family by giving to his special organization.”

Vancouver’s Most Vulnerable

Union Gospel Mission and Covenant House


Though serving different populations, the Union Gospel Mission and Covenant House share an important goal: to serve and assist people when they are most vulnerable. You can read their individual mandates on their respective websites. Line 21 supports them because compassion should know no boundaries.