We’re a team of dedicated captioners, scripters, subtitlers, and sticklers for detail.

With over 20,000 titles scripted and 36,000 titles captioned, we have

earned our reputation as being reliable, fast, flexible, and fun to work with.

The Captioning Process

Regardless of the style of captioning you have requested, first, we transcribe your entire program, including dialogue, music lyrics, and sound effects where applicable. Then we go back through your program on a second pass to time the captions, taking care in positioning captions on the screen so that viewers understand who’s speaking. We then go through your media one more time to ensure the captions go by at an easily readable rate. Finally, we watch your program as it will appear at broadcast to make sure you get the best possible results. We’ll watch for spelling, punctuation, and readable phrasing – the trifecta of captioning accuracy that ensures your audience will understand your media. What we’re guaranteeing is a well-captioned show that will come alive for your viewing audience. That they’ll enjoy it in the manner in which you intended. After we’ve finished preparing the captioning file, we send it to you or to your encoding facility in your desired file format. We offer a large variety of file types to choose from from the industry standards to the arcane. And your file is safe with us because we archive what we produce for you forever.

How We Do It

We know how easy it is for one small detail to escape and call into question all the hard work you’ve done, and we know that every pair of eyes can improve a project. That’s why we’ll always double-check spellings of everything seen on-screen in supers, or let you know if we’ve heard something really off the mark, or use our incredible fact-checking super powers to look up obscure words, new language, scientific terminology, old-world geography, or anything else we’re not 100% sure of. It’s our goal to exorcise your project’s detail devils before they make it to your audience’s screens.

Turnaround with Flexibility

Quality captioning and scripting takes time and care. Line 21 does not miss deadlines. This is why we take our scheduling of programs so seriously. When we tell you it will be done, we mean it. We know that a deadline can change, a composer might run late with his score, a scene might get axed, a legal matter may arise. Not only can we accommodate these unforeseen obstacles, we will. Just keep us informed by email or with a quick phone call, so we can rearrange our schedules as needed to accommodate yours. We can also offer rush turnarounds for those last minute deliveries you found out about.

Contact us for availability and rates.