What’s the difference between captioning & subtitling?

Closed captioning is meant for a non-hearing audience and so includes non-verbal information in addition to what speakers say. This can include sounds effects, speaker IDs, and positioning (left, right, centre) to indicate who is speaking. Subtitling assumes that the audience can hear but doesn’t understand the language, so it deals with what the speakers say but doesn’t include the non-verbal information.

What is the difference between open & closed captioning?

Open captions are visible to all viewers, whereas closed captions are only visible to those who activate them.

What media file formats do you work with?

Our software likes a QuickTime or an H.264 file, but if you have something else, check with us. We’ll probably be able to work with it.

At what stage is my project ready for captioning?

Once you have a locked cut, you can send it to us. The best scenario is for us to work with the most final media. Final songs, supers, etc. That way you can avoid costly changes that may need to be made

How long does it take to caption or subtitle my project?

Our turnaround times vary depending upon the length of your show. A show with a running time of 23 minutes usually takes us 3-4 days, while a show with a running time of 90 minutes takes us about 6-8 days. Short on time? We can probably shorten that up and deliver it earlier. Subtitling is more complicated. Double the turnaround times above to leave adequate time for your delivery.