When it comes to captioning, we offer both offline open
(where captions are visible to all viewers) and offline closed
(where captions are only visible to those who activate them). We specialize in industry-standard pop-on captioning and the budget-
friendly unpositioned/subtitle style. Whatever your budget, we can help you convey your message effectively. Give us a call today.


French or Farsi, Spanish or Swahili, we can caption your subtitled media with the same care and attention we give to all our work. Just be sure to provide us with the timecoded final media & script in the intended language and the rest of the project will run smoothly.

Why Choose Us


We offer a full range of scripting, transcription, captioning, and subtitling services to meet your every in-house and distribution need.  Simply upload your media to our secured server and we’ll work tirelessly to provide you with the quality result you and your audience deserve.

Whatever your needs, SDH, EBU, PAL, we’ve delivered across North America and Internationally and we have you covered.


Raw footage Transcripts · Draft-Quality Transcripts 

When transcribing from raw footage (such as a video or audio interview), we take unedited field tapes and transcribe useable dialogue. Transcripts can be delivered in the format of your choosing. At the post-production and release stage, you may be asked for any of a variety of as-shot or as-produced scripts to accompany your project into distribution. Your distributor or broadcaster will have very specific ideas about the transcription format they need.

Dialogue Lists 

A dialogue list includes word-accurate dialogue and speaker IDs. We can prepare a dialogue list in any of three formats:

  1. Without timecode references.
  2. With timecode references in for each speaker.
  3. With timecode references in and out for each speaker.
  4. With timecode references at a duration of your choosing, such as every 60 seconds.

As-Produced Scripts (or As-Broadcast Scripts) 

An as-produced script (sometimes referred to as an as-broadcast script) is an exact reflection of the final program as it will be broadcast. It includes act breaks, scene breakdowns and descriptions, continuity as required, plus word-accurate dialogue and IDs. We can also construct an as-produced script with timecodes denoting the scenes and opening credits.

Combined Continuity Script (Without Spotting) 

  • Each shot is numbered and given a timecode reference.
  • Continuity is concisely described.
  • Dialogue is word-accurate and includes IDs.
  • Main titles and supers are numbered in.
  • The script is completed using either a timecode format, a foot-&-frame format, or both.

Combined Continuity and Spotting List (CCSL) 

A comprehensive CCSL includes all the elements of a combined continuity script, plus the following:

  • Numbered titles.
  • A separate list of edited titles, conformed to today’s subtitling standards.
  • All nonverbal utterances.
  • Dialogue is annotated to aid translators.
  • We note to whom a character is speaking.
  • Turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks post CC.

Custom Script

Don’t see your script type above. No problem! We can create it for your. Our experts have years of experience and can help determine what you need to deliver. It’s really what sets us apart.