Horror Movies to Watch at Hallowe’en

It’s Hallowe’en on Saturday AND we get an extra hour of sleep… could this be a more perfect time to catch up on your horror movie watching?

With so much to choose from, what to watch? We’ve got some suggestions for you. Pick your category, scan the entries, rip open that bag of mini chocolate bars, pour the wine, snuggle up under a cozy fleece and voilà: the perfect rainy, extra-long Hallowe’en night.

Our personal top pick: The Shining.
We mean the original 1980 classic. Jack Nicholson at his most villainous. Shelley Duvall at her most terrified. An axe. What’s not to love?

Highest-Rated Horror Movies
(With at least 1000 votes on IMDb.) Here they are, the most popular of the genre.

Highest Grossing Horror Movies
Figures based on US market.

Scariest Horror Movies
This category is different than highest-rated. Some of the scariest movies (that will make you want to keep the lights on all night) were not necessarily the most popular.

Best Low-Budget Horror Movies
Remember The Blair Witch Project? Lots of that ilk here.

Worst Horror Movies
(With at least 1000 votes on IMDb.) Because sometimes truly awful can be truly entertaining.

Funniest Horror Movies
They didn’t set out to be funny, but they achieved it by being so unbelievably wrong! I think they overlooked a gem when they failed to include The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen
Truth? We haven’t seen any of them either, so we’re relying entirely on viewers’ opinions. If you opt for one of these, let us know what you think!

Wild Card! Terrifying Non-Horror Movies
If you like being scared, but aren’t really a fan of the horror genre, here you’ll find some bone-chilling films that have nothing whatever to do with horror.

And finally, for fans of the horror-movie scream (not the movie “Scream” but the piercing wail of the imperiled heroine), here’s a little treat for you.