Coming Attractions and Highlights! October 2015

 Klondike Trappers

Airs on History Channel, Wednesdays at 10pm

Klondike Trappers follows a group of brave souls pursuing an ancient and dangerous way of life in the frozen wilderness that borders Alaska and the Yukon.

 Keeping Canada Alive

Airs on CBC , Sundays at 9pm

A revealing snapshot of the Canadian health care system, with each episode filmed over the course of one 24-hour period.

 ‘Tis The Season For Love

Premieres on Hallmark Channel, November 1

Beth Baker is an out-of-work actress stuck in New York City without her friends at Christmas time. She decides to return home to the quaint small town she escaped 10 years before. Will the holidays prove to be as magical for Beth as they appear? Or is the magic doomed to disappear as quickly as it arrived for a lady who is ready to take chances she could never have imagined a decade before?


Premieres on Esquire, November 14

The tidy life of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, is turned upside down when his outlaw brother, Martin, crash-lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.

 Man In the High Castle

Streams on, starting November 20

A compelling and provocative new series based on the novel from acclaimed author Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle takes a glimpse into an alternate history and what life in the U.S. may have been like if the Allied Powers had lost World War II.

 Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

Premieres on Lifetime USA, November 21

A live-action film based on original characters and story written in 1968 by creative mastermind Jim Henson, the movie follows the story of the Emmerson family as they head to the quaint town of Turkey Hollow to spend a rustic Thanksgiving.