Coming Attractions and Highlights! September 2015


 I Am Chris Farley
Airs on The Movie Network, September 25
Airs on Movie Central, October 1

A documentary on the brief life and legacy of Chris Farley. The film explores the comedian’s fast rise from Saturday Night Live to the silver screen, followed by his untimely death at age 33.

 Ninth Floor
Plays at VIFF, September 26 & 29

Takes a penetrating look at the Sir George Williams University riot of February 1969, when a protest against institutional racism snowballed into a 14-day student occupation at the Montreal University.

Playing at VIFF, September 28 & October 2

Escaping from the captivity in which they have been held for half a decade, a young woman and her five-year-old son struggle to adjust to the strange, terrifying, and wondrous world outside their one-room prison.

 Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World
Plays at VIFF, September 29, October 3 & 9

Stunning cinematography explores the geographic heart of the Haida Gwaiian people, who thrived for more than 10,000 years until they were decimated through disease, rampant commercial logging, and industrial over-fishing since contact. Today, the Haida Nation is recovering, exerting their sovereignty, and winning battles against unsustainable logging and fishing.

 Tricks on the Dead
Plays at VIFF, September 30 & October 4

The little-known history of 140,000 Chinese recruits who were secretly transported through Canada to dig trenches on the fronts of World War I.

Plays at VIFF, October 1 & 5

A complex portrait of Eadweard Muybridge, the father of motion pictures, whose searing jealousy of his young wife eclipsed his genius, leading to one of the most infamous legal cases in history.

 Crash Gallery

Premieres on CBC, October 2

An art challenge series showcasing 15 artists from across Canada. In every episode, three talented artists go head-to-head against each other in a real-time creative arena, giving the audience a front-row seat to the creative process.

 The Romeo Section
Premieres on CBC Friday, October 14

Follows  spymaster Professor Wolfgang McGee, an academic who secretly manages a roster of espionage assets. These assets, referred to as Romeo or Juliet spies, are informants engaged in intimate long- or short- term relations with state intelligence targets.