7 Holiday Party Ideas

The  holidays in  September?

We know, few people want to think about them this early! But if you want a good location for your party, you’ve got to book it stat. To help you, we’ve gathered a few ideas for stand-out parties.

Play a game.

For something completely different, you and your guests can play one of Vancouver’s many themed escape games. The fun begins when your group is locked in a (non-claustrophobic) room and you have to work together to find the way out. Game length, theme, and cost varies by location. Check several locations here.

Drink. Don’t drive.

Vancouver Brewery Tours offers private craft brewery tours. Hop aboard one of their chauffeured vans (up to 28 seats available) and let them take care of the rest. Allow room in the budget for a taxi home for each of your guests.

Or, if wine is your preferred beverage, House Wine will stage a private wine-tasting in your home or office. They offer many tasting themes, including (but not limited to) “Wine Etiquette,” “Brown Bag Value,” and “Match Maker” or will create a theme to suit your tastes. Again, allow room in your budget for taxis for your guests.


When was the last time you went to Theatresports? For a truly entertaining evening, buy out the entire theatre for your group. The theatre seats up to 180 and includes exclusive access to the bar & lounge.

Wield a sword.

We dare you! Bring your staff to Academie Duello on Hastings Street and learn to swing a broadsword, properly draw a sword, or even fend off baddies with an umbrella. No experience required.

Jump around.

Extreme Air Park (in Richmond or Langley) offers “all trampolines, all the time.” Visitors can do their own thing on any of the trampolines in the 42,000 square foot facility, but we recommend a rousing game of trampoline dodge-ball to get everyone playing together. (Probably best suited for an agile group with good knees.)

Eat out.

Grub is a lovely little bistro on Main Street. Closed for too long after a fire, it’s open again, and the food is as good as ever. Intimate, welcoming setting for a smallish group.  Or, there’s the lovely Pied à Terre on Cambie Street (site of Line 21’s holiday party last year).  Food good enough to satisfy even the fussiest gourmand.

Eat early.

Who says your party has to be in the evening? Consider brunch instead. The options for a great brunch are vast in Vancouver. The Teahouse in Stanley Park is an old favourite, and the view is spectacular. Or try Tuc Craft Kitchen. Featuring lots of local ingredients and a hip vibe, it’s been rated one of Vancouver’s best brunch spots.