Staff Profile: Leslie Foster

Script Department Supervisor at Line 21

Meet our Script Department Supervisor, Leslie! Leslie has been with Line 21 for 14 years, starting out as a caption editor in 1998. Today, Leslie manages the entire script department and works hard to deliver the best quality scripts to clients.

What You Did Before Line 21: I worked in photography and traveled a lot.

Favourite Part of the Job: I like the fast-paced nature of the job. I enjoy that I’m never doing the same thing. I love the challenges it brings.

Favourite Projects You’ve Worked On: Several films have stood out over the years — Flower and Garnet, Beautiful Ohio, Stone of Destiny, 50 Dead Men Walking, Cole, 45 RPM, La Mission, Mamitas. I worked on a series of speeches the Dalai Lama gave when he visited Vancouver. Although challenging, those were fantastic. As far as tv shows go, I’ve enjoyed Da Vinci’s Inquest, Edgemont, Endgame, The Collector, The L Word and despite myself, Real Housewives of Vancouver.

Best Memory About Working at Line 21: I’d have to say our stellar Christmas parties over the years have definitely been memorable, except that one at Umberto’s, where half the night got erased by the ultra efficient wine steward!

Favourite Vancouver Restaurant and Why: That’s a tough one. I used to love the all-you-can-eat brunch on Sundays at Urban Thai Bistro, but they took it away. Hi-Nippon for Japanese. Blue Water Café  when you want to blow the budget. Glowbal for a great meal, lively atmosphere and a yummy appletini.

(Note: You can read more about Urban Thai Bistro, Blue Water Café and Glowbal in our Yaletown Lunch Recommendations.) 

Favourite Place to Travel: Also a tough one! One of my most memorable trips was a couple months in Egypt. Turkey is also beautiful and diverse, but it was tough to travel there as a woman. I love New Orleans any time of year. Paris is a place I will easily return to again and again. Venice is enchanting. Really, you want me to pick just one? I’m also pretty happy jumping in the car and going on a road trip or camping. There’s adventure to be found around every corner.

Funny Travel Story/Best Travel Memory: I’ve had a lot of great experiences travelling, but I think my favourite trip was one I took with my son when he was in grade 5. He was finally old enough to carry his own pack, so we took off and traveled through England, France and Italy for a couple months. I homeschooled him as we went, which was no small feat as he is in French immersion and I don’t speak the language! It is something we will always remember and it was an amazing experience.

He turned out to be a great traveler, only shaking his head at me when I realized on the train 100 km outside of Venice that I had left our passports and money in the hotel safe. Oops. I’ll travel with him anytime. And maybe he should take care of the important stuff.

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