April Post

Line 21 is fortunate to employ some extremely talented people. Last month, we introduced you to the impressive abilities of half of our staff. This month, we round out the list with the talents/skills/credentials with which the rest of our staff are gifted, beyond those you are already familiar with from their work.


Film school graduate.
Speaks Polish.
Has written screenplays and poems, and ghostwrites for blogs. (Read one of Patricia’s poems.)
Jewellery maker.
Explorer of every nook and cranny of the world.
Unsolicited interior decorator & fashion stylist intern to close friends.
Manic connoisseur of co-worker Dawn’s “anything muffins.”


BA in… more.


Here’s what some of us are bingeing on:


Leslie learned all about the wicked history of the Italian family The Borgias. You can catch this one on CraveTV.
Soo is intrigued by the dark serial killer show Criminal Minds. She balances it all out watching music videos on YouTube. You can get caught up on Criminal Minds using CTVGo.
Will has been spending his free time watching the Canadian series Schitt’s Creek. You can stream this comedy from CBC’s website.
Carolyn pulled out her DVD collection and finished re-watching five glorious seasons of, Six Feet Under. She says it was just as amazing the second time around. The series finale of this one is legendary!
Siri has been watching the hilarious Brooklyn 99. Great comedic writing and characters on this one! On Netflix.
Dawn has been learning about prison life by watching Netflix’s dramedy Orange is the New Black.
Michelle has managed to catch up on all five seasons of Game of Thrones. She says “It has fantastic acting and a great story that subverts a lot of heroic fantasy tales.” HBO Canada.
Kelly never misses an episode of the Vancouver-based crime drama Motive. This show is in its final season, and we can’t recommend this one enough! On CraveTV.
Shelley couldn’t stop wondering what Dr. Mindy Lahiri was going to do next on The Mindy Project. On Netflix.
Patricia discovered the Australian thriller The Code on Netflix. She admits it was difficult to tear herself away from this series about two brothers who become entangled in a government cover-up.
While on vacation, Steff managed to find time to relax and watch The Great British Baking show via BBC iPlayer.


New Releases

Hot Docs
April 28 – May 8 in Toronto

Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, offers an outstanding selection of over 200 films from Canada and around the world to Toronto audiences. Tons to see, and audiences every year of over 200,000!


Koneline (our land beautiful)
Screens at Hot Docs, April 29, May 1, & May 7

Nettie Wild captures the majestic beauty of the Tahltan territory in northwestern BC. Tahltan people, geologists, big game outfitters, and others express their thoughts and feelings in their own eloquent words on the industrial developments taking place in this once pristinely desolate land.


Spirit Unforgettable
Screens at Hot Docs, April 30, May 2, & May 8

After a 30-plus-year career as the captivating front man for multi-platinum Canadian folk-rock band Spirit of the West, John Mann at 52 years old faces the challenges of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. From the opening line–“You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not at my best”–to the climactic refrain of “take me home,” the lyrics to the band’s greatest hit, “Home for a Rest,” have taken on new meaning.


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