February Post

Going Green


We all know the basics of going green by now. They’ve been around for ages: consume less, consume locally, reduce energy use, reduce water use, etc. So I’m not going to bore you once again with generalities. Instead, here are 11 concrete ways to help change patterns in a positive way.


Hint –  Number 11 is the most important!

Get rid of paper towels in your kitchen.
Use a washable cloth instead. Packages of bar towels are cheap. More.

Use a dryer towel.
Putting a dry towel in with your wet laundry can reduce drying time (but do remember to take the towel out 15-20 minutes into the drying cycle). More.

Dry your hands differently.
Nix the paper and… read the rest of the list.




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…Line 21 Staff Abroad
If you’ve emailed Leslie Foster lately, you may have noticed her reply came from Bali. Following in the footsteps of other globe-trotting Line 21ers, Leslie has taken her job on the road.
You can enjoy tales of her travels in her beautifully written and illustrated blog.


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Yukon Gold
Airs on History Channel, Wednesdays at 10pm

History Channel’s fan-favourite Canadian docu-series Yukon Gold returns for a fortune-seeking fourth season where tempers are tested, time is ticking, and the pressure to strike gold runs high.


Airs on The Knowledge Network, February 23 at 9pm and February 24 at 12am

Filmmaker Anne Wheeler travels with her friend, Vancouver actress Babz Chula, to an Ayurvedic clinic in India, where Babz seeks healing from her aggressive cancer. The treatment is ultimately unsuccessful; back home, the irrepressible Babz invites Anne to continue bearing witness to her journey into the unknown.


Everything Will Be
Airs on The Knowledge Network, March 1 at 9pm

Sundance award-winning director Julia Kwan captures the subtle nuances of a culturally diverse neighbourhood-Vancouver’s once-thriving Chinatown-in the midst of a transformation that plays out across many ethnic enclaves in North America. The community’s oldest and newest members offer their intimate perspectives on the shifting landscape as they reflect on change, memory, and legacy.