Coming Attractions and Highlights! August 2015

 Cedar Cove

Airs on Hallmark Channel, Saturdays at 8/7pm C

Based on author Debbie Macomber’s book series of the same name, Cedar Cove focuses on Municipal Court Judge Olivia Lockhart’s professional and personal life and the townsfolk surrounding her in the picturesque town of Cedar Cove.

 I Am Chris Farley
Playing at TIFF Lightbox, Toronto, until August 27
Playing at Rio Theatre, Vancouver, August 29 & September 1

A documentary on the brief life and legacy of Chris Farley. The film explores the comedian’s fast rise from Saturday Night Live to the silver screen, followed by his untimely death at age 33.

 Highway Thru Hell, Season 4
Premieres on Discovery Canada, September 8 at 10pm ET/7pm PT

Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue has the daunting job of clearing semi-trailer wrecks to keep the Coquihalla highway open. Closure is not an option. For Jamie and his colourful crew, winter season is a non-stop onslaught of tangled semis and blistering weather.

 First Dates

Premieres on Slice, September 1 at 10pm

A new documentary series about real people going on real first dates. No gimmicks. Just genuine people going on a dinner date. All ages. All demographics.

Red Carpet Premiere at the Rio Theatre, Vancouver, August 31 at 6:45pm

A complex portrait of Eadweard Muybridge, the father of motion pictures, whose searing jealousy of his young wife eclipsed his genius, leading to one of the most infamous legal cases in history.

 Real Murders: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

Airs on Hallmark Channel, August 26 at 7pm

A mystery hits close to home for Aurora when a member of the Real Murders Club she presides over is found dead. Aurora realizes the crime mirrors a case discussed by the club and fears that one of her members could either be the next target or even the murderer!

 Gourmet Detective: A Healthy Place to Die

Airs on Hallmark Channel, September 6 at 3pm

Henry Ross, a prominent chef, and Maggie Price, a no-nonsense police detective, reunite at a luxurious resort where Henry is a guest at a gourmet food conference and Maggie is taking a much-needed vacation. The two team up to untangle a complicated web of mystery involving a journalist, a movie star, and high-profile fixtures of the San Francisco restaurant scene.

 Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room

Airs on Hallmark Channel, August 9 at 7pm

Jennifer Shannon uses her sharp eye when finding rare garage sale treasures to resell at her consignment store. When her business partner dies, she uses her intuitive skills to investigate her friend’s death in a multimillion-dollar home with a dark history.