Coming Attractions and Highlights! June 2015

 Some Assembly Required
Now streaming on Netflix

When 14-year-old Jarvis Raines’ house is nearly destroyed by a defective toy, he sues the company and ends up owning it.

 Love Again
Airs on Hallmark Channel, June 27 at 5pm

A couple on the brink of divorce decides to keep their marital woes a secret as they help their daughter plan her wedding. As the two work together on the happy occasion, they soon discover that their own marriage might just be worth saving.

 A Perfect Match
Airs on Hallmark Channel, June 27 at 7pm

When an engaged couple can’t agree on anything, the mother of the groom (Linda Gray) hires a wedding planner and an event planner to help put together the wedding of their dreams.  The two planners are as different as night and day, but as they too learn to compromise, they discover that opposites do indeed attract and can combine to produce incredible results!

 A Country Wedding
Airs on Hallmark Channel, June 27 at 9pm

A famous country singer set to marry a glamorous Hollywood actress returns to his small town roots. When he crosses paths with his childhood sweetheart – and finally feels inspired to write songs again – he re-evaluates his life, his values, and his opinion of true love.

 When Calls The Heart
Airs on CBC, starting June 28 at 8pm

Based on the bestselling novel, When Calls The Heart  follows the story of young school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher, who has just arrived in Coal Valley, a 19th-century coal mining town in the Western Frontier that is worlds apart from the wealthy, high-society life where she grew up.

 Frankie & Alice
Airs on Super Channel, June 28 at 10pm ET
Airs on Super Channel VOD

Inspired by the remarkable true story of Frankie, an African-American go-go dancer with dissociative identity disorder who struggles to remain her true self while fighting against two very unique alter egos: a seven-year-old child named “Genius,” and a Southern white racist woman named “Alice.”

 The Carpenter’s Miracle
Airs on Super Channel, June 28 at 6:30pm ET
Airs on Super Channel VOD

A small-town carpenter becomes a local celebrity after resurrecting a dead child, but strives to get back to the life he once had before the miraculous event. 

Airs on The Movie Network, July 1 at 4:55pm

The story of two teenagers who discover themselves, and one another, on a week-long summer trip to Slovakia.

 Cruel & Unusual
Airs on The Movie Network, July 3 at 2:10pm

Wrongly condemned for killing his wife, a man finds himself in a mysterious institution where he is sentenced to relive her death for eternity.

 Molly Maxwell
Airs on The Movie Network, July 8 at 7:25pm

A 16-year-old girl’s quest to figure out what makes her extraordinary leads to a close relationship with her teacher.

 Cedar Cove, Season 3
Airs on The Hallmark Channel, starting July 18

Judge Olivia Lockhart is considered the community’s guiding light in the picturesque coastal town of Cedar Cove, Washington. But like everyone else, Olivia fights the uphill battle of balancing career with family and finding love, all the while doing her best to care for the township she calls home.