3 Tips for Planning Your Captioning and Transcription Projects for 2012

Line 21 Christmas LogoHappy Holidays!

Christmas is in the air here at Line 21 and most of you are probably busy wrapping things up for the year. Before the holiday festivities are in full swing, here are 3 things you can do to prepare your captioning and transcription projects for 2012:

1. Prepare your schedule.

The film and TV industry have ever-changing deadlines and your captioning and transcription provider needs a detailed schedule outlining, in particular, your audio mix and layback dates as well as your final delivery dates.

Pulling together your schedule now will help kick-start your project in January.

2. Sort out what your deliverables are and in what formats.

Outlining what you need can help your service provider plan the best process for your project. Create a detailed list now that you can discuss with your captioning and transcription provider in January.

Remember to check for as-pro scripts and that all of versions you are delivering are accounted for in your show’s formatting. If you have a longer and a shorter version, it’s quite a bit easier to get your longer version captioned and scripted first, and then to edit the captioning and scripts down to match the shorter version (or versions).

3. Pull together the requirements for your captioning and transcription projects.

Start collecting the script and media files that your captioning and transcription provider needs.

Not sure what the requirements are? To give you an idea, here are the requirements that Line 21 needs for captioning your media and for transcription projects.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Line 21!

Take a much deserved break and enjoy the time with family. Thanks for being a part of our 2011 and we look forward to 2012!

Line 21 Holiday Hours:

Closed Dec 24 – 27
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December’s Recipe: Hot Buttered Rum

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2 oz rum, your favourite kind

Lump of butter

1 t brown sugar

Boiling water to fill the glass

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